Data Visualization

The solution which enables the users to vizualize massive and complex datasets and to realize

Data Visualization
“More is different” – more datasets could contribute to quality differences.
At present, the data volume is exponentially increasing as evidenced by word-of-mouth datasets created by the users, the improvements in processor speeds of computer systems, and the proliferation of sensor technologies. Simultaneously, the complexities and interdependences of datasets are increasing as represented by SNS. By visualizing such massive and complex datasets intuitively, one could construct completely new and different point of views.

ONTROX’s proprietary analytical visualization engine, IDG™,has the following characteristics.

Comprehend Immense Events.

This engine’s high-degree of image portrayal and expressiveness enables the user to overview millions of events that are invisible to human eyes.

Quickly Find New Trends.

In addition to its high-degree of drawing capabilities and expressiveness, our original advanced analysis engine provides the ability to discover new critical trends quickly.

Recognize the Variability.

The engine’s ability to analyze chronological events enables the users to easily assess increasing/decreasing tendencies or weekly, monthly, and seasonal changes.

Many contributions are expected in several business scenes by utilizing this visualizer.

  • Optimizing promotional events.
    This engine supports the optimization of promotional events by providing the best information to the most relevant people at the most appropriate timing through the visualization of ebbs and flows of critical factors affecting the markets.
  • Reducing call centers’ operational costs.
    This engine supports the efficient operations of call centers by enabling intuitive comprehensions of changes in inquiry contents/tendencies, of inquiry contents themselves, and of critical inquiries through analyzing massive amounts of inquiry log data at an exponential speed.
  • Supporting innovations.
    The visualizaion of each idea’s relationship enables the user to figure out the central themes and directionalities of discussions regarding all the ideas, leading to deeper and more innovative idea discussions.
  • Optimizing source codes.
    The visualization of relationships among codes reveals the bottlenecks of programming, enabling the source codes’ total optimization.

ONTROX’s data visualizasion technologies provide the solutions where massive and complex datasets could be understood intuitively.

Engine to be Used:

Social Media Analysis

The solution analyzes live conversations and human psychologies from social media, such as Twitter and blogs, and call centers' logs.

Social Media Analysis
With the advancement of IT and the resultant surge of information volume, more people are equipped with their own mediums of communication and their voices and influences are on the rise. Listening to the voices of these individuals through social media and other channels are becoming ever more important to implement effective strategies.

ONTROX’s proprietary analysis engine, MFA™, has the following characteristics.


Unlike other engines with standard dictionaries and “syntactical analyses,” this engine uses “mathematical analyses” with highly sophisticated arithmetics “making it compatible to multiple, colloquial, and gramatically incorrect languages and every type of data formats.”


This engine brings results that are “intuitively comprehensive” as one could easily configure analytical viewpoints in accordance with corporate policies and thought processes.


Unlike traditional “word count” approach, this engine performs “factor analysis” by analyzing and understanding oblique and abstract data, such as spoken languages, thus “contributing directly to devise strategies.”

For example, the analysis of social media or logs supports to find such facts.

  • Promotional effectiveness measurement
    Are word-of-mouth communications increasing as a result of advertising campaigns?
  • Brand recognition
    How do consumers recognize your company and what images do they have?
  • Demand comprehension
    What are consumers’ demands to drive new products development? Are there any clues for advertising campaigns?
  • Product evaluation
    Are customers satisfied re existing products or services? What could be improved?
  • Actions to mitigate harmful rumors or quality issues
    Are there any negative voices? Are there any signs of negative rumors?

ONTROX’s social media analyses provide supreme solutions that enable natural language analyses on a global scale.

Engine to be Used: