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That’s the marketing aegis system transforming tweet data to businessIntelligence.

Applied maneuver
  • Propagation analytics on timeline→user’s acting analysis, community findings, quoted media analysis
    Meaning, context analytics on timeline→clustering analysis,relation of clusters analysis
    Twitter Analytics

    Case Study 2014, Tokyo governor election / twitter analysis by NTTcom online marketing co.,ltd.

    Twitter Analytics

    Basics of vertices to vertices transactions(edges)

    1. vertices is marked as twitter account or quoted media
      Red verticesRed vertices= Web pages(Campaign page, Blog,Web news/media)
      Yellow verticesYellow vertices=twitter account
    2. Edges between vertices and vertices are marked as information transactions. Blue vertices are figured as out coming and Red vertices are figured as in coming
      Twitter Analytics
How to look up graph
  • Twitter Analytics
How to drill down
  • Information insights showing pro candidate and opponent “reactions” to the Twitter feed of Tokyo mayoral candidate @utsunomiyakenjion theweb

    Twitter Analytics
    Continuing with the social reaction example of Mr. Utsunomiya,the top part of the graph is associated with his supporters. The information is collected using his Twitter account(@ utsunomiyakenji) and observing how organic growth in support of his campaign spread responded to messages he sent out from his account.
    The lower part of the graph shows the reactions to the same twitter feeds but from the opponent perspective.
    There’s a lot of information here, so we’ll get right to the good stuff.

    Information exchange of non-support layer and support layer is less

    Twitter Analytics
    If you graphed separately to each information diffusion from the non-support layer and group information diffusion layer from the support group, information seems to be spread within each group. For example, the information supporting layer has issued does not reach to the non-support layer, a composition that did not receive the support layer emerges information the non-support layer has issued. Information favorable to them only without diffusion in each group, overall picture on Twitter that discussion is not made has emerged.

Twitter Analytics