ONTROX co.,Ltd.

Product support
  • We support you at every steps for building server architecture of executing IDG or MFA.
    Server installation, deployment
    Working with Databases
    Creating an API in accordance with the data format
    Recommendation of the server configuration in accordance with the request processing time
    Collaboration with BI
    Further customize
  • R&D
    We are supplying R&D service for your study, institute ,company and government specifically by applying complex network.

    Challenge of text analysis
    Visualization and analysis of time-series data of the network structure on
    Challenge of SNS community analysis
    Analysis of Web site user behavior
    Analysis of the purchasing behavior of consumers

    Data Consulting
    Selection method of data analysis
    Cleaning of data
    Transforming data
    Clustering using IDG
    View / how to use the Viewer of IDG
    SNS / community analysis
    Big Data visualization system design
    Artificial Intelligence analysis by ZuKoolAlliance

    Product update

    • IDG
      Update of the module
      Update of Viewer
      Update of the layout logic
    • MFA
      Program update: faster
      Big data to support from: program update


    • IDG
      Implementation of additional modules
      Customizing the Viewer
      Customizing the API
      Connected to the DB changes
      Distributed Computing
    • MFA
      Data format
      Creating a teacher
      Accuracy up
      Distributed Computing
    • Theory :Complex Network
      Graph theory / complex network analysis
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