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“GMO GLOBAL SOCIAL RESERCH (TM)” is provided with MFA.

GMO research incorporated company (head office: — Shibuya-ku, Tokyo –) of a GMO Internet group Representative director president Shin-ichi Hosokawa A GMO research hereafter Twitter and Facebook, Although I offer-start-did today the formal version of “the GMO global social research (TM)” which can hear consumers’ frank view from the social media in the worlds, such as a blog, from Wed., November 30, MFA “ONTROX Mind Factor Analyzer (TM)” of our company was adopted as the analytic engine here.

Consumers’ frank view is timely caught from social media.

“The GMO global social research (TM)” is the service which catches the frank view of consumers without deviation timely from social media, while changing consumers’ consciousness every moment according to a living environment or public opinion.
Since the universe is broad and the data total function which tone of argument does not incline with the characteristic of a site, and generates a results-of-an-investigation report is preinstalled, data effective in the business solution of marketing can be obtained smoothly.
Since Japanese corresponds to all the 10 languages, such as English and Spanish, of course, it is suitable for the company which aims at a global launch, and the company which has already promoted the global launch investigating the evaluation and reputation to goods or its company in each country.

IDG is adopted as a multilingual advanced semantic analysis.

In “a GMO global social research (TM)”, as a multilingual analysis system from a beta version, The advanced many-languages semantic-analysis engine “ONTROX MFA Technology (TM)” of the ONTROX development which the meaning of the text in the acquired text data is automatically analyzed with high precision, and can perform data sorting is adopted.
Since drastic reduction of the human labors which were required to grasp even from acquisition data to positive/negative a “tendency” and “specific factor” thereby until now having been attained, and data-analysis can be performed easily, popularity has been gained on the visitor under use.
On the other hand, since many cases enough by the report which totaled using the data total function of preinstallment depending on the survey content can also be seen, it is carrying out the option trend towards service economy of this advanced many-languages semantic-analysis engine with the formal version, I reduced the price of front-end payment to 1/10 of 105,000 yen of a beta version.
The analysis using the advanced many-languages semantic-analysis engine used as this option of data serves as a setup which is easy to understand also of the visitor who uses beginning, and can also use charged support of a GMO research.
Please look at the Press Releases of a GMO research company for details.

he first social-media research service “GMO global social research ?” (beta version) offer start in Japan

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