ONTROX co.,Ltd.

ONTROX was started from the private study group for solving the problem to manage the social network of Panasonic. But soon we had realized that the issues were very depth in the tools like natural language analysis , search technology, relation analysis and what’s more to need a new framework of the view point to social network space.
This awakening naturally lead to organize the company for R&D to utilize those technology limitation.
and we were very excited to solve the global problem by our R&D.
In this way we have been very challenging and technology oriented.
Now ONTROX focus on finding clues and understanding a wide diversity of datasets in fields such as science,government, and business beyond social network. And We believe technology solver is Graph theory and the concept of complex network theory.

Twitter Analytics
Head Quarter Office:#401, 4-14-21 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0023, Japan
Service Office:ART AGITO 1961 2-17 #2F kitahama-higashi chuo-ku osaka-city
Specialty : Natural Language Analysis/Feature Detection 、SNS Analytics
Complex Network Analysis 、Data Science Consulting, Data Visualizing, Big Data Analytics
Launch: 2010,07
CEO: Keisuke Watanabe